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Note: This is tentative premium, it can be flucuate based on claim history.

asd as

travel insurance

personal accident

Cover you for accidents and medical emergencies

medical expenses

Cover emergency medical treatment expenses

repatriation of mortal

Cover the expenses for the repatriation of Mortal Remains of the Insured person back to one's place of origin or citizenship

lost of baggaged

Cover cloth expenses during lost or delayed luggage up to 300 US

passport loss

Covers up to 250 USD for a lost Passport

cash loss

Covers loss of cash, travelers’ checks or banknotes, due to robbery, burglary, theft, or Natural Disasters up to 300 USD

personal liability

Covers Insured’s personal liability for Third Parties’ property damages and/or bodily injury during the course of travel

accidental death

The named beneficiary receives compensation in the event of accidental death of the Insured person during the course of trave