Management Team

The Management team has led our cooperation uniquely in a very competitive market.



CEO - Chief Executive

Salama Cooperative Insurance Company, is a leading company in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in Saudi Arabia. We are proud to be part of this forward-looking industry in Saudi Arabia. The continuous growth and diversification of the insurance industry and SALAMA is reflected in Tadawul (the Saudi stock market). We aim to maintain our continuous growth.

The diversity and energy at SALAMA has resulted in the growth of our company every year. We would like to thank our customers, clients, and employees, as they are the reason we strive to improve in SALAMA.

The future of this industry and Salama Insurance Cooperative Co. is constantly changing and will only improve in the coming years, and we hope that you will join us and help in our on-going growth.

Eng. Omar Al-Ajlani, SALAMA CEO

Mr. Ammar Ghurab

COO - Chief Operational

Mr. Mohammed AL-Wahbi

CCO - Chief Customer Care Officer

Eng. Khaled Jihad AlRawaf

Chief Information Technology Officer

Sultan Mohammed Alyahya

Chief Planning Officer

Eng. Majed AlShodari

Chief Cyber Security Officer

Mr. Abdullah Al Yami

SME & Retail Sales Manager/Deputy CSO

Mohammed AlYami

Head Of Compliance

Abdulrhman Abdullah Alzahrani

Head of Governance & Board Secretary

Sara Ali AlShehri

Head of Marketing and Communication

Ahmed Khalid Mirdad

Acting Chief legal officer


CFO - Chief Finance Officer


Manager - Risk Management


Manager - Internal Audit